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No doubt about it, PowerUp 3.0 is a fantastic product. Creating the project page for PowerUp 3.0 was a lot of fun and the enthusiastic response we received from everyone we shared this product with, was extremely gratifying. Still, even the creator of PowerUp, Shai Gotein, had not expected his product to crack the 1 million dollar mark and become (at the time) the 7th most funded project in Kickstarter’s “Technology” category.

We reached our initial funding goal of USD 50,000 in just 8 hours, but we still had 2 months of PR work and community management ahead of us. As the funding levels grew, so did the pressure to make this project everything that it could be. Writing updates and managing a community of over 20,000 backers was not a trivial task either. Yet in the end we are very pleased to have left Shai with the largest and happiest community we’ve ever assembled.

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