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Our Services for the Pre-Campaign Phase

Create a Product Video

Ah, the cornerstone of any crowdfunding campaign! It should appeal to your target groups, but do so very concisely.
Let us help!

Set up the Project Page

The other cornerstone of any crowdfunding campaign! We know just the kind of stuff that should go in there.

Create a Marketing Plan

Which media do you want to use and how do you want to use them? What content will you feed them and when?

Prepare PR Materials

Which outlets would you like to be featured on? Which journalists is it best to contact? Turn your PR-Kit into the perfect pitch.

Engage over Social Media

We can help you create medium-specific content and use it to gain some followers.

Take care of your Mailing List

You’ve gained some subscribers over your mailing list? Great news! Keep their interest and ramp up the suspense, right until the campaign launch.

Would You Like Our Help With Any of These Tasks?